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Stephanie Atala is an actor and singer.

Stephanie Atala is an actor and singer. The French and Lebanese artist is based in Beirut. Fluent in French, English and Arabic she got her first acting role at 4 years old. Years later, she graduated from Académie Libanaise Des Beaux Arts; school of arts (ALBA 2014) with honors.


Since then, she has starred in various theater productions, series, short and feature films across the region and abroad. In 2022, Stephanie is starring as "Lina", the protagonist in the feature film "Farah" (psychological thriller) co-directed by Hassiba Freiha and Kenton Oxley. She is also singing the soundtrack of the film ("Try to remember") alongside English star Boy George and the Culture Club.


In 2022, she leads in the film "Iman" (drama) where she plays the role of "Iman", a young Arab woman whose actions may mean the difference between life and death. The film is co-directed by Korinna Avraamidou and Kyriacos Tofarides and shot in Cyprus.


Her most recent role in a series was in 2021 in "Confessions of a Fashionista" (drama - thriller) where she leads as "Malak" a double faced influencer in the era of social media and lies.

In 2023 she will appear in the Arabic edition of the Turkish series "War of Roses". She leads as "Fay Karam" in the 90 episodes series with the new title "Crystal".


As for her most recent on stage appearance, she played a main role in Georges Khabbaz' theater production «Bel Kawalis» (comedy).


Stephanie produces and hosts an online weekly show «Kazdoura» (comedy - improvisation) where she enjoys two of her favorite things: Comedy and Food.


Joining her passions, Stephanie took part in a short film trilogy: «In circle» (musical) in 2017.She sang, acted and danced starring as «Nadine» in the film directed by Rachel Meg

and shot in Los Angeles. 


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