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Stephanie Atala is half Lebanese,

half French and a hint vampire.

She lives in Lebanon where she works as an actor and singer.

Stephanie Atala is starring as “Lina”, the protagonist in the feature film “Farah”

(psychological thriller), co-directed by Hassiba Freiha and Kenton Oxley, in cinemas in 2020.

Her most recent TV appearance is on “Hadeth Aleb” where she leads as “Samar”. As for her most recent on stage appearance, she plays a main role in Georges Khabbaz’ theater production

«Bel Kawalis». Stephanie hosts an online weekly show «Kazdoura» where she enjoys two of her favorite things: Comedy and Food. Joining her two passions, in 2017 Stephanie took part in a trilogy

of music videos: «In circle». She sang, acted and danced starring as «Nadine» in the film directed by Rachel Meg and shot in Los Angeles. Looking forward to her duet with Ella Fitzgerald, Stephanie is constantly humming the soundtrack of her life and loves to hike with her dogs on her free time.

Stephanie Atala (born october 5th 1993) is an actor and singer living in Lebanon.

Half French, half Lebanese; she is fluent in arabic, french and english. She discovered her passion

for acting and singing at the age of 4 when she played her first role in a national TV commercial.

Years later, she graduated from Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts; school of arts with a degree in Art Direction (ALBA 2014). And only then did she realize her 4 year old self knew better. Since then, older Stephanie has appeared in various national and regional TV commercials and awareness campaigns. She has also starred in short films, theater productions, TV series and feature films.


Her most recent role

is in the feature film “Farah”.

The movie is written and directed by “Hassiba Freiha” and co-directed by “Kenton Oxley”. “Farah” follows the story of protagonist “Lina”, played by Stephanie, as she goes out of adolescence and towards adulthood in quest of Joy. “Lina” faces family issues, social boundaries and mental struggles. But, through it all, “Lina” tries to keep her head above water. Stephanie portrays this challenging role in the movie “Farah”; a suspenseful psychological thriller, in theaters in 2020.


Stephanie’s most recent stage experience was on the biggest Lebanese theater scene.

She starred as «Rudaina» in «Bel Kawalis» a theater production by the most acclaimed «Georges Khabbaz». Perfoming throughout 2016-2017 in the «Château Trianon Theater» her love for the stage adrenaline and theater energy grew stronger. Stephanie had to juggle between «Rudaina» and her alter ego «Magalie». «Rudaina» arrogant, diva and star in the popular musical scene versus «Magalie» a talented singer and loyal wife suffering the consequences of an artist career in lebanon.


Stephanie hosts an online weekly show «Kazdoura» where she enjoys two of her favorite things :Comedy and Food. Weekly non scripted «Kazdoura» episodes show her and her co-host «Georges Khalaf» driving around Lebanon, trying out street food while discussing random life topics. This series of quick episodes is an improv platform for Stephanie’s witty jokes and comebacks.


Hardworker, never taking breaks, whenever Stephanie is not in a character’s shoes she would still be on stage, singing.

Coming from a musically engaged family, she was bound to turn to a professional musical career

one day. Starting off in 2000 (at the age of 7) as an Alto singer in a polyphonic choir, she took part

in many concerts and performances around Lebanon and the Middle East. With time Stephanie

grew fonder of music and saw it becoming a priority in her life. She is now lead singer in a jazz

and cover band «Stephanie and the Band». They perform throughout Lebanon on a weekly basis

and are known to set a fun and cozy ambiance on stage that reaches the audience and sets

the right mood for the gig.


Joining her two passions, in 2017 Stephanie took part in a trilogy of music videos. 

Starring as «Nadine» in the film «In circle» directed by Rachel Meg shot in Los Angeles.

She embodied a young woman fighting to break free and express herself. Stephanie sang,

danced and acted the struggles leading to «Nadine’s» emancipation.


Above all Stephanie always finds time to meet up with her family and friends, go on roadtrips in nature, travel some place new and hike with her dogs. Her motto is to enjoy life and not take it

too seriously. As her neck tattoo reminds her to live life to the fullest:

«A la folie» - «To insanity».

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